Ohio Black Republicans Association (OBRA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the recruitment and education of African Americans in the ideals and principles espoused by the Republican Party. This includes, but is not limited to, a belief in personal responsibility, smaller government, less taxes and a strong national defense. OBRA was formed, with the encouragement of The Ohio Republican Party and Republican National Committee, in response to an increasing call for a statewide African American organization that would build upon Republican victories that cut across all levels of government in 2004.

OBRA continues to respond to the call and, on an ongoing basis, solicits and articulates the concerns, needs, aspirations and accomplishments of many Black Americans, in Ohio, whose values reflect Republican philosophy.

OBRA strives to involve a greater number of Black Americans in the Republican Party and political process, for the purpose of improving socio-economic conditions in the black community and the state as a whole.

OBRA is an active and viable organization that, to date, has to its credit the following major accomplishments:

1) Adoption of Constitution and Bylaws; 2) Nonprofit Incorporation; 3) Call to Membership; 4) Election of Officers; 5) Strategic Planning; 6) Sponsorship of The Ohio Black Republican Summit ’06, 7) Sponsorship of The Ohio Black Republican Forum ’07, 8) Co-hosting the 2016 Black History Month Outreach Program, and 9) Presenting a 2016 Policy Platform